Setting Slack Status with PomoDoneApp using Google App Scripts

Date: 2022-03-13

PomoDoneApp is great. It's even better when integrated with other productivity apps. Doing this with Zapier can be expensive, so here is a free way to do it.

Bright Green Lies and the Fermi Paradox

Date: 2022-02-27

A sort of book review of Bright Green Lies, but more of my own personal reflection of it after reading. The book provokes thoughts about the state of humanity, and that makes me think about the Fermi Paradox, which I go into.

Thoughts on the Future of Cryptocurrency

Date: 2022-02-27

Crypto is the future, but will that future look any different from the systems that we currently have in place? In this article, I argue that the crypto future we are heading toward may look very similar to the traditional financial systems that are already in place.